About Andrea K.

As a mental health professional, I have spent years working with children and families, specifically single mothers with multiple children. Throughout this time, I have had the incredible opportunity to learn from women  who truly want the best for their children…but find it so difficult to juggle LIFE and still have the ENERGY to be PRESENT for and consistent with their children.

Let’s be honest, mothers are also teachers, doctors, playmates, protectors, nutritionist, on top of being humans, woman, friends, partners, careerist, sisters, daughters, etc.  Parenting from a stressed position, you may find it challenging to make more conscious based choices rather than reactive ones.  This is where I have continuously stepped in.

One of my many passions is working with those who want to transform and tap into the most authentic, best versions of themselves! Knowledge truly is power (thanks Mom)! Helping mothers realize their potential, feel confident in themselves AND their parenting and soar to new heights is undoubtedly my thing! I love to help people learn how to help themselves.

With a combination of a master’s degree in mental health counseling, years of clinical experience, specific training in mindfulness and parenting, I share my experience and knowledge with you all!

My hope is that you leave here with something more than what you came with. But if not, then I hope you embrace the mindful acceptance that sometimes ‘it really is what it is,” especially when it comes to our children!