“If you don’t like something change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

-Maya Angelou

I personally love this quote, and totally live by it! I do have to tell you though, that mindfulness is not about change. HOWEVER…it most definitely increases the probability of transformation.

Again…mindfulness, in essence, is not about changing anything in that particular moment. Whether it be our thoughts, our feelings, our bodily sensations or our current situations. Mindfulness is about being present (attention), purposefully (intentionally by choice – no accidents here!), with non-judgmental curiosity (attitude). Mindfulness is a state of being. After all…we are human-beings.

Mindfulness can help you to cultivate:

  • A greater sense of control over your life (even with “out of control” kids)
  • A greater sense of patience, understanding, tolerance, and peace
  • Improved physical and psychological health
  • A greater sense of meaning in your life
  • Greater awareness and appreciation
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Decreased stress

I get it though. Sleepless nights, irritability, your ‘to-do’ list somehow becomes tripled. Crying, whining, feeding, bathing, clothing, soothing, answering “Why” questions, tantrums…and after you have amazed yourself with handling all of that, without having a break down, maybe you get a little ‘you’ time. Maybe.

Parenting is one tough role and you may have come to realize that no amount of parenting classes could truly have prepared you for it all!


Ready to learn how to deal with it all in a more peaceful way!?

With the backbone of years of clinical experience, specific training’s, and my personal passion for assisting mothers through one of the most important journeys in the world…Mindful Mothers was created.

This site was created to serve you in a few different ways:

  • Empower you to learn how to cultivate awareness, peace, acceptance, and serenity through the practice of mindfulness. (A very POWERFUL and AMAZING emotional tool.)
  • Serve as a safe space to connect with other mothers; to learn and share some of your best home-made recipes to parenting.
  • Guide you to identify what kind of parents you wish to be and the tools on how to practice just that!
  • Provide you with Connection-based parenting mind shifts.


(Dad’s, grandparents, aunts and uncles – you are all important too! Feel free to browse through and take what you’d like. After all –  it really does take a village!)

My hope is that with your power (as women and mothers) and the information that is provided, you learn how to and then choose to sprinkle more moments of conscious calmness, kindness, and attention throughout your days. Happy parenting!